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A digital marketing company in Cape Town. Our philosophy is centred around web 3.0, empowering the audience with control. With a passion for digital analytics, we develop effective marketing strategies. Our primary focus is on establishing a powerful digital presence for your business, ensuring growth and achievement.

Why Digital Marketing?

We as a Digital Marketing Company, are here to expand your digital footprint and ensure you’re an essential part of the equation. Our focus is to provide excelling services to expand your online presence.


Graphic Design

Colrz Studio team at 11th House Digital Marketing is dedicated to elevating your brand. We collaborate closely to deliver innovative ideas and solutions that enrich your brand identity and illuminate new possibilities. Every design project undergoes a meticulous process to precisely capture and amplify your vision. Know more.

Performance marketing

Get ahead of your competitors and leave them wondering what hit them. Performance Marketing lets you target specific groups with precision, typically using a pay-per-click (PPC) model. Regardless of your industry or budget, digital advertising should be part of every promotional mix. Learn more.

Social media marketing

We offer setup and design, strategy development, page management, and comprehensive digital advertising management. Let us help you harness the power of social media to engage your audience and drive your business forward. Learn more.

Digital Branding

Branding is crucial as it’s the first interaction consumers have with your business. It sets their expectations, communicates the quality of your services, your company’s values, your price point, and more. Before they even speak with you, your branding gives them a glimpse of what you’re about. Learn more.

Web design

Let our team handle your website design, ensuring it reflects your brand’s elegant, stylish, and powerful identity. With simple navigation, you can impress visitors and focus on acquiring new clients worry-free. Learn more.

SEO lead generation

SEO often wins the award for the most misunderstood and misused service in your marketing toolbox. That’s why at 11th House Digital Marketing, we employ an expert team who has mastered Google search engine optimisation. Let us handle it while you enjoy the results. Learn more.

Digital PR

Managing your business’s digital footprint is crucial for enhancing and maintaining your online presence. Our digital PR services focus on optimising and managing your online listings to ensure accurate and compelling information across various platforms, from search engines to social networks. Learn more

Digital Marketing strategy

Crafting a robust digital marketing strategy is pivotal for business growth. Regardless of your business size or market reach, implementing a tailored marketing plan will undoubtedly boost your outcomes. Let us know your goals, and we’ll design a compelling strategy plan tailored just for you. Let’s get started!


We are a digital marketing company that aims to represent you and empower your success in the digital world. Our main focus is on helping your business strive. 

We take pride in showcasing our skills in the marketing arena, with our comprehensive services, let us be your partner in success and take your business to new heights.


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What makes 11th House digital marketing agency different?

At our digital marketing agency, we place utmost importance on understanding you and your products. Our focus is on the trajectory of your project and harnessing the power of storytelling. We believe that the human mind thrives in this environment.

If your goal is to generate leads and acquire clients, we’re here to make it happen. We’ll create a digital story for your brand that resonates like art, something that withstands the test of time. While you stay busy, we’ll ensure the digital engine runs smoothly. Trust us to elevate your brand above the competition.

Our Skills

11th House digital marketing we believe skills will win you respect, arguments, or even friendship. It is not how you gain those skills that counts. It’s how one utilises them.

We have the digital skills to take your product to the next level. There is nothing more we would rather do in this world than let you benefit from our digital marketing expertise.

  • Web design – 75%
  • Digital Marketing- 90%
  • Social Media- 82%
  • Digital branding- 87%
11th House marketing

Great digital content will lead to followers, which generates potential leads. Social media management can either break or make a brand. Content creators give life to a brand. Having a good content creator on your team can be a vital asset to your company. Here at 11th House marketing agency, we create visual content that would appeal to your customers. It’s what we do best after our morning coffee.

Owner Bio

Welcome to 11th House digital marketing company Cape Town. I am Syldrey. I believe we are all salesmen. Products or websites are points of sale. I enjoy coming up with ideas that help or benefit people. The beauty of words is to make them simple for the audience that needs to understand them. My obsessions include writing, creating, and understanding art fundamentals. To add the typography that goes into laying them out.

If you require help with any of our digital marketing services, the team and I will gladly put our organic coffee down for you.

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