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SEO often wins the award for the most misunderstood and misused service in your marketing toolbox. That’s why at 11th House Digital Marketing, we employ an expert team who has mastered Google search engine optimisation. Directly from Google, we know that “creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other factor.” When it comes to SEO, one crucial thing to remember is that relevant content matters more than anything else. Trust us to boost your SEO with content that truly makes a difference.

Our Method for Creating Engaging, Optimised Website Content:

Research & Strategise

At 11th House Digital Marketing, our team of copywriters will conduct keyword research, analyze your Google Analytics reports, meet with your team to understand your business, and start crafting your brand voice and content strategy.


Our copywriters, with over six years of experience and industry know-how, craft content that is search engine friendly. We combine this with compelling content that aligns perfectly with your brand’s voice and style.


Don’t forget about our SEO-trained and Google-certified web experts! They play a crucial role in implementing the website content we develop.

Our Commitment to You

We want to share something important. Our creative, strategic work is backed by a commitment we take very seriously: our entire team is dedicated to the success of your brand and will act as an unbiased partner in your company’s growth. This is why our commitment matters.

11th House Digital Marketing - SEO Service Cape Town

Our comprehensive search engine optimisation services encompass website content development, continuous blog strategy and article development, backlink management, listings and reviews management, and more.

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Colrz Studio - Digital Branding - 11th House Digital Marketing Company



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