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How To start a digital marketing service in Cape Town: 11th House Digital Marketing

1 March 2022

The start of 11th house Digital Marketing Company.

There’s no turning back now. A digital marketing company is born in Cape Twn. It’s a one-way road ahead. Get ready for long nights and changed days. Time and people management become crucial. All eyes are on you, and this is what you wanted. No more procrastination.

Words of wisdom from an elderly man, who was standing next to me, as I informed him about my new venture as an entrepreneur. That was four months ago.

Starting a new journey or business can be terrifying. Even if you have planned each step, life is unpredictable. Yes, I am looking at you “2020”, talking about the year to kick-start a new decade. Okay, that’s behind us now. 11th House Digital Marketing Company Cape Town is two years in the making. It was supposed to come to life in February of the pandemic year. Thanks to the heavens that did not go as planned, it gave me time to re-strategize, which led to the discovery of new skills and let us experience those skills with friends or small businesses who needed assistance.

Okay. You might be wondering what exactly is 11th House Digital Marketing. As mentioned above, it’s been in the making for the last two years. 11th House Digital Marketing was built to help business to achieve their digital goals, by dealing with young and dynamic individuals who knows marketing. Our slogan is: Growing Together. As a company, we believe in uplifting ourselves and others. When your business grows, so do we. Basically, we can charge you more, in future endeavors, (kidding).

What do we do?

We are a digital marketing company based in Cape Town, specialising in various services such as app development, web design, performance marketing, SEO optimization, web PR, web analytics, branding, mobile and email marketing, and digital strategy. To learn more about our services, please visit our webpage.

Who has the key to the house?

Now that you know what we do, let me introduce myself. I’m Syldrey, a coffee connoisseur first and a marketing astronaut second. I may not be a wordsmith, but I’m obsessed with writing, creating, and grasping the fundamentals of art. Typography is my forte, especially when it comes to laying out designs.

Stay tuned for my blog articles covering various topics, including digital marketing, social media, eCommerce, and retail. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay updated with our latest releases.

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